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Lebanese church leaders have called for the cancellation of a concert of the Lebanese lyrical "Project Leila" project, saying their songs are sacred to religious sanctuaries, prompting the group to say it is the target of a campaign based on fabrications and want to undermine freedom of expression.

The Laila Project presented performances throughout Lebanon, but plans for a concert on August 9th at the Byblos International Festival in Byblos met with an aggressive campaign against social media.

The group received support from Amnesty International, which announced its solidarity with them and launched a campaign in this regard.

The band, which has also performed in the United States and Europe, has a singer who is gay. The "Laila Project" has sparked controversy in the region through words dealing with oppression, class, sectarianism and homophobia.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Catholic Maronite Diocese of Jbeil said the band's songs "mostly affect religious values," adding that it is not appropriate to host concerts that "directly conflict with the Christian faith." The organizers called on the organizers to cancel the ceremony. Organizers are reluctant to comment on the matter so far.

The band said in a statement posted on social networking sites that it had performed its songs in concerts all over Lebanon in the past. "It is surprising that a wave of objections to a song of these songs now, knowing that it does not harm anyone and does not detract from any of the values ​​and religions." "Our goal is to promote art and shed light on humanitarian issues … with emphasis on our respect for all religions and their symbols."

The band's fans expressed their solidarity with the group. Lebanese composer and composer Marcel Khalife wrote on social media saying "Freedom for the Layla Project".

By REUTERS / Reuters (Reuters)

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