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The British government said on Thursday (July 11) that three Iranian ships tried to intercept the carrier British Heritage in the Strait of Hormuz, but withdrew after warnings from a British frigate.

A representative of the British government in a statement ("frigate) Montrose was forced to center between the Iranian ships and British Heritage and issued verbal warnings to Iranian ships, which moved away then"He said.

"We are concerned about this step and continue to urge the Iranian authorities to stop escalating the situation in the region," the spokesman said. CNN has quoted US officials as saying five Iranian Revolutionary Guard boats failed to capture a British tanker in the Gulf. CNN reported that a US aircraft was flying in the area and recorded a video of the incident.

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On the other hand, Iran denied the authenticity of the news, as quoted by Fars news agency Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif as saying Britain's claims about Tehran's attempt to detain a British oil tanker are "worthless"He said.

The Iranian news agency quoted a statement issued by the Public Relations Department of the Fifth Marine Region of the Revolutionary Guards as saying that "the naval force patrols of the Revolutionary Guard continue their duties routinely and exercise their functions strictly and rigorously. British ships during the last 24 hours"He said.

The statement stressed that the fifth area of ​​the naval forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard "able to stop the foreign vessels in the geographical area assigned to them in a concise and rapid and without hesitation if they had received a directive to do so"He said.

The incident took place nearly a week after the Royal Navy seized the Iranian carrier Grace 1 off the coast of Gibraltar on suspicion of transporting oil to Syria, which is banned by EU sanctions on Damascus.. Tehran called the operation a "pirate" act in international waters. Iranian President Hassan Rowhani on Wednesday warned Britain against the "consequences" of intercepting the Iranian oil tanker. "I remind the British that they are the ones who initiated the breach of security (at sea) and will face the consequences later," he said.

WB / ADJM (dpa, Reuters)

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