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At the exact time of the summer press conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel sat down in front of local and international journalists and members of the Federal Government's Federal Press Center, who did not ask questions on Friday (19 July 2019). Merkel was in a good mood and took every question seriously and gave her answers calmly.

On a file left behind in the party's leadership, the Christian Democratic Party, Ingrid Kramp-Kranbauer, Merkel expressed her belief that Kramp Cranbauer had good chances to run for office Chancellery succeeds. Merkel said that although she did not exert any influence on her successor in the party, "Ingrid Kramp-Cranbauer is the party's president, and therefore she is in an important and sensitive position, of course.

Asked whether the new position of Kramp-Cranbauer as defense minister might give her preference in running for counsel, Merkel said the Defense Department was "one of the most important and difficult ministries in the federal government," stressing at the same time that the decision on candidacy for the Chancellor belongs to the Christian Democratic Party jointly With the Christian Social Party (Bavarian).

Following her tremors in recent weeks, Merkel said she understood the frequent questions about her health, saying she could do her job as a counselor despite her tremors. Merkel said she was in good shape. "As a human being, I am very concerned about my health," Merkel said. Merkel said she would exit politics by 2021, "But then I hope that there will be another life, and that I will bring it to life."

On the crisis between Iran and the United States over the nuclear deal between Tehran and Western countries as well as Russia and China, German Chancellor Merkel expressed concern about the growing tensions between the United States and Iran. Merkel said Friday The search for diplomatic solutions, recalling that it was the United States that withdrew from the international nuclear agreement with Iran, while the European Union, China and Russia did not do so. Merkel said: "When a party withdraws, of course there is a new position, but: I think it is good that Iran meets its commitment to the agreement, because it did not withdraw from all parties"He said.

Merkel said that even after the United States came out of the agreement, Iran could and should have an interest in its commitment by "sending a good faith signal to the international community."

Merkel also spoke of the bricast file and said Britain's exit agreement with the EU would continue even after the appointment of a new British prime minister, arguing that the Ireland-Northern Ireland border problem, known as the "safety net", could be "bypassed."

For the first time, Merkel addressed her annual press conference on the internal affairs of an ally like the United States. She considered that recent US President Donald Trump's recent scolding of four female minority Democrats "runs counter to what makes America great" and offered unconditional support to them. "I want to firmly distance myself from these attacks and I am in solidarity with the women who have been attacked," Merkel said.

Merkel's position contrasts with her usual behavior as she avoids commenting on issues that have been addressed to the domestic politics of other countries. However, the issue of racism is very sensitive in Germany, which is keen to emerge as an example of accepting others in the light of its Nazi past.


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