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After her spokesman rejected the US demand from Berlin to send ground troops to Syria to help fight the "Islamic State" (Dads), German Chancellor Angela Merkel indirectly declared her rejection of the request itself, but in her own way, saying that "there is no solution in Syria except within Political process ".

Merkel said on Tuesday (July 9, 2019) when she was greeted by diplomats at the German Government Guest House at the Messeberg Palace near the capital Berlin: She remains convinced that only a political process based on the UN Security Council resolution under the umbrella of the United Nations , Is "appropriate to end the bloodshed in Syria, build confidence and start a national reconciliation"He said.

Merkel stressed that the political process could give Syrian citizens, as well as Syrians refugees abroad, the opportunity "to determine the political future of their own country in a fair election"He said. In cooperation with the United Nations and international partners, "the Federal Government will continue to make an effort to move this political process forward."He said.

James Jeffrey, the US special envoy to Syria and the international coalition against Da'ash, raised the debate over the use of German ground forces in Syria. He asked Germany during his visit to the capital Berlin last Friday for additional support to fight the Da'ash organization, : "We want ground troops from Germany to replace our soldiers in part"He said.

German government spokesman Stephan Zeibert said similar statements on Monday, saying that the government intends only to continue the current military contributions to the alliance, "urging", the Tornado reconnaissance aircraft, and a refueling plane, and the dispatch of military trainers to Iraq, Stressing that this does not include "as is known ground forces"He said.


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