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The German government spokesman Stephan Zeibert on Monday (July 15, 2019) explained the state of breathlessness suffered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she spoke in the French capital Paris on Sunday. Zeibert said Monday in Berlin that "the German chancellor stepped up the stairs very quickly in order to arrive in time for journalists waiting, and then immediately threw her word." "There is nothing important to announce in this regard, and there is no need to launch speculation," Zeibert said.

It is noteworthy that Merkel Spoke on Sunday at a royal palace in the French capital in front of journalists about the presence of the military parade on the occasion of the celebration of the French National Day, and praised the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macaron to attend the presentation, and considered it "a great gesture in the direction of European defense policy", She stressed that she was honored to participate with Germany in the presentation.

During the brief statement made by the chancellor in the first round of the historic building of the 18th century, Merkel was breathing hard. Merkel was in a hurry because she also wanted to go to lunch immediately afterwards at the invitation of the French president.

Speculation has been going on for weeks about the health of the German chancellor, who has been hit by strong shakes while standing at the reception of heads of state and government. However, for the first time, Merkel has met Danish Prime Minister Mith Fredriksen at a military ceremony.

During the performance of the military parade in Paris yesterday, during which Merkel was forced to stand for a long time, there was no trembling.


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