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It is known that Diane Lovrin has a strong friendship with his Liverpool colleague Mohamed Salah. The Croatian international has on several occasions published some photos and video clips showing the solidity of their relationship away from the ambiguity of the round.

The Egyptian star does not hesitate to interact with Loafrin's messages on social networking sites, especially since a large base of followers of Mohammed Salah always wants to see the other side of the player's life, which spreads his magic over both English and European football.

Recently, Diane Lovrin, on his private account at the social networking site "Instagram", posted a picture of him with Mohammed Salah playing table tennis. "Well, I was defeated by 1-0 for Salah, but today is the day of revenge," the Croatian international commented.

The website of "Liverpool Echo" that Real Madrid star Luka Modric, entered the line to defend Mohammed Salah. "You can not win against anyone, stop wasting your time," the world's best player told Lofren.

A few moments later, Lofrin, 30, responded to Modric's words by saying: "Salah plays the same way, perhaps in a more defensive way." Mohammed Salah only commented briefly on the picture: "7-0", in reference to the fact that he defeated his teammate Louvrein a great result in table tennis.

It is worth mentioning that Liverpool, will clash this weekend with Manchester City draw the Football Association Shield. The Raid fans hope the team will continue to climb up and achieve all possible titles next season.

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