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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Monday (July 22, 2019) that it was targeting "a wholesale vegetable market in the town of Ma'arat al-Nu'man in the southern Idlib countryside." The bombing, according to the latest outcome of the Observatory, killing 23 people, 19 civilians and "four unidentified so far." Forty-five others were injured, some critically, while search for missing persons continued under the rubble.

The head of the local council in the town of Maarat al-Nu'man Bilal Zekri told Agence France-Presse that "the parties to the popular market in the city and caused great damage to shops and civilian property." He said that the shelling took place at 8:00 am (0500 GMT), at a time when people were going to spend their needs and work. "

"The bodies of the world are on the ground, God is avenging (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and (Syrian President) Bashar for their crimes," said Abdul Rahman al-Yaser, a rescue man from Idlib's civil defense team searching for victims' bodies under the rubble.

The Russian Defense Ministry on Monday denied the raids on the Maarat al-Nu'man market, and a ministry statement quoted by the state-run Tass news agency said "the statements made by the representatives did not reveal their name from the White Helmet funded by Britain and the United States on the alleged strike of Russian aircraft in the market In Ma'arat al-Nu'man are false statements. "
The death toll came on Monday after 18 civilians were killed, 17 of them by Syrian shelling on several areas in Idlib and its environs. Russian raids on the town of Khan Sheikhan also killed another civilian, Anas al-Diab, a 22-year-old volunteer in the White Helmets, a photographer and video photographer who collaborated with AFP.

There are armed Islamic factions in addition to the Sham Liberation Organization (formerly Nasra Front) in the city, without having any military headquarters in accordance with the Observatory. The Sham Liberation Organization has been in charge of administrative and military affairs in the governorate of Idlib and its environs, where there are also Islamic factions and less powerful fighters.

The province of Idlib and adjacent areas, where about three million people live, to escalate the bombing of Syria and Russia since the end of April, accompanied by fierce fighting concentrated in the northern Hama. Since the period, more than 650 civilians have been killed by the Syrian and Russian bombardments, while 53 civilians have been killed in the shelling of the fighting and fighting factions of the nearby regime forces, according to the Syrian Observatory.


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