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Turkish police confiscated $ 271 million worth of counterfeit securities at an illegal printing press in the Esnuurt region on the European side of Istanbul. This is the largest amount of fake money confiscated in the history of Turkey, according to a police statement issued on Monday (22 July 2019) and published by the Turkish daily "Daily Sabah".

The site, quoting the Directorate of the fight against financial crimes, it carried out a raid last Friday on one of the printing presses did not find anything suspicious at first. But later revealed the existence of a secret door behind an electric panel, where more than 271 million US dollars were stored counterfeit.

Symbolbild: Polizei Türkei (picture alliance / dpa / Xinhua /)

Police have arrested five suspects in the rigging of the money, including a former police commissioner who had been fired because of his links to the group of Turkish-born US preacher Fatihullah Gulen, whom Turkey considers a terrorist group and accused of masterminding the failed coup attempt in the summer of 2016.

The authorities are currently investigating whether any counterfeit funds have been transferred to the group.


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