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Robert Mueller, the US special investigator investigating the Russian intervention in the elections and possible complicity by the Donald Trump administration, is due to testify before Congress on Wednesday (24 July 2019). Democratic lawmakers are keen to question Muller, 74, about open-ended questions in his final report, hoping for new information to be used in their fight against President Trump. On the other hand, the Republicans are trying to get Trump's acquittal final, in order to blur the issue of Russian intervention in the US elections forever.

Muller, who has long eluded testimony, said he would not give more information than in his 448-page report last March.

Muller had been investigating for nearly two years whether the Trump electoral team had concluded secret agreements with representatives of the Russian government on any possible Moscow interventions in the US election in 2016 and whether Trump had impeded judicial investigations. Although Muller did not confirm whether Trump had obstructed justice, he did not explicitly absolve the president of the charge, but left the ball in the courtroom to take action with Trump.

Müller's investigation revealed a broad campaign of electronic piracy and publicity during the 2016 elections that would have brought US charges against 25 Russia and three Russian companies.

HZ / WB (dpa / AFP / Reuters)

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