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Former special investigator Robert Mueller announced Wednesday (24 July 2019) told Congress that his report on the investigation into Russia's intervention in the US elections does not absolve Donald Trump entirely, especially from the charge of obstructing justice, contrary to the US president's assertion.

At the opening of a highly anticipated session, Muller told the House Judiciary Committee that "the findings of the investigation indicate that the president has not been acquitted of suspected acts." Responding to questions from Commission Chairman Jerry Nadler, the former director of the FBI repeated the word "no" about acquitting President Trump of the charge of obstructing justice, noting that the 448-page report did not completely absolve the former.

"The president has not been acquitted of the acts he is suspected of," Muller said in testimony before Congress. However, he stressed the Justice Department's guidelines, which state that an indictment can not be directed to a president while he is still in office. Asked if any president could be prosecuted for any crimes after he left office, he replied: "That's true."

Moller's explicit answers to Trump's efforts to block justice in this sensitive case are in a critical position and make him a target for attacks by his Democratic opponents, especially as he claims that the Special Rapporteur's report in March proved wholly innocent.

Müller was tasked with investigating Russia's possible involvement in the 2016 US presidential election and the possible complicity of Trump. Muller pointed out that the US president refused to interview him in preparation of the report.

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