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It is no secret that penguins try to keep as far away as possible from the places where humans are. They prefer to spend their time on the beach or in isolated islands, often known for their low temperature for a long period of the year.

However, it does not seem to apply to some of the curious penguins, who did an unthinkable act. In the New Zealand capital of Wellington, police intervened after finding a bird by a road in a sushi restaurant near Skak Hodeidah station, " German.

One of the workers at the restaurant seemed to find out after hearing the sound of the penguins, hiding near the barbecue area in the restaurant. The magazine said the penguins were looking for a warm atmosphere.

One of the penguins was arrested last weekend in the center of the city and returned to the port, but the latter returned on Tuesday (July 17, 2019) with a partner to the sushi restaurant, police said, adding that the police returned the penguins to the sea. According to the Guardian, which also published the incident.

Der Spiegel also quoted a representative of New Zealand's Nature Protection Authorities as saying the breeding season would soon begin, so the penguins searched for a safe place to lay their eggs. "From time to time we get calls about animals nesting under houses"He said.

"It's a pretty crazy idea that some penguins are floating under your restaurant," said Winnie Morris, a staff member at the sushi restaurant. "But I think it's wonderful, maybe you're scared but it's wonderful"He said.

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