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Since Neymar da Silva has moved to Paris Saint-Germain, in a record deal in the world of round-robin (€ 222 million), the news does not stop following the Brazilian star, who seems to be biting regret at his sudden departure from Barcelona two years ago.

It is expected that the meeting of the European Clubs Association in Liverpool will soon witness a development on the Neymar da Silva transfer to Barcelona. The website of the British newspaper "Express" that the President of the Blaugrana Giuseppe Maria Partimo and Nasser Al-Khulaifi, President of Paris Saint-Germain, will meet face to face to resolve The deal, which will be profitable for all parties.

Advance to Neemar

Neymar da Silva is the first winner of his return to his former club Barcelona. The Brazilian talent realized that his departure from the Blaugrana was a step back in his career, especially as the Ligue 1 were less than the Spanish league, as well as Neymar's failure to win the Champions League Europe, which greatly raises the chances of winning the Golden Ball.

Although Neymar will receive a lower salary than Paris Saint-Germain, the Brazilian can compensate for this through advertising. In addition, Neymar will not need much time to adapt to Barcelona. He has already taken the team shirt and has formed a strong partnership with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

Strengthen the St Germain's grip

Paris Saint-Germain showed a clear tone in the matter of Neymar's departure from the team. The French capital will benefit financially from the Neymar deal, especially as Paris St Germain has concluded several deals at the summer Mercato. As well as the disposal of the team from Neymar's huge salary.

Paris Saint-Germain will not suffer much from the departure of Neymar, as the squad is full of more than one player capable of playing the Brazilian star in the team, such as De Maria and Draxler. German coach Tomas Tukhil's grip will be greatly enhanced by the departure of Neymar, who has more than once behaved in ways that do not fit Tuchil's philosophy, which is known for its great power inside and outside the green rectangle.

A strong boost for Barcelona

Barcelona will benefit from Neymar's return to the squad. The Brazilian will help the team maintain their dominance of local championships in recent years. The Blaugrana's chances of winning the UEFA Champions League Last few years.

The return of Neymar to Barcelona will be a strong response to his arch-rival Real Madrid, which concluded in the summer transfer several deals of the caliber, notably Belgian star Eden Hazard.

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