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Tunisia lost their third place and bronze medal in the African Cup of Nations Cup held in Egypt after losing 1-0 to Nigeria on Wednesday (17 July 2019) in the third and fourth place match at the Peace Stadium in Cairo. .

The two teams looked pale throughout the meeting, as their stars seemed very tired of the match, especially since they had played seven matches during the tournament at close intervals.

Nigeria's Udion Igalo, who scored the only goal of the match in the third minute, is credited with winning the match and has been a top scorer in the tournament after lifting the scoring goal to five goals. Igalo is two points ahead of his closest rivals, Algerian duo Riad Mehrez, Adam Wens, Senegalese Sadio Mani and Democratic Congolese Cedric Bhakambo.

The Tunisian team failed to qualify for the final of the competition after losing 1-0 to Senegal after the extension of the semi-final on Sunday, while Nigeria were unable to rise to the same role, losing 2-1 against Algeria in the face of the semi-finals.

(Dpa) (AFP)

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