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It seems that German striker Andrei Schorlle, who is associated with a contract with Borussia Dortmund until 2021, is facing a deep fall. Only four years ago, Schurle's 28-year market value was 30 million euros. But has now shrunk to only 12 million. But the situation is further exacerbated by the announcement that the Bundesliga champions are ready to give up the German striker on the current transfer market for only seven million.

Schorte, who is the highest salary in Dortmund, is seven million euros, according to Bild newspaper. It seems that this high salary is what prompted Dortmund to decide to abandon the World Cup champion 2014.

So the only remaining option for Schorla, who has played 207 matches in the Bundesliga, is to move to the Russian Premier League or Chinese counterpart. In this context, the site "Chabionat" Russian recently that the poles of the Russian capital Lokomotiv and Spartak Moscow are seeking to win the services of the German striker. While the first wants to include Shorel on loan, Spartak wants to include him on a final basis.

"We are always interested in the possibility of continuing his career in Russia," said Ingus Haspel in an interview with Sport 24. "We are in contact with some Russian clubs, but we do not want to reveal their names now."

One of the options, though, is definitely to return to England, where Schurle has already played for Chelsea and Fulham. "I have a good place in the Premier League, so the Premiership may remain one of the options for me, of course," Schorle said recently in an interview with Sky.

The pair was out of Borussia Dortmund, until coach Lucien Favre fired him two seasons ago, and he could only escape to Fulham on loan. But the fall of the Premier League this season, it was inevitable Schorle's return to look again for the possibility of continuing his career.

The German striker has not been able to interest any of the world's top clubs. Dortmund has repeatedly explained that the future of the player is not in Dortmund's, nor has he been involved in the club's tour of the United States.


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