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Again, German star Massoud Ozil, 30, raises controversy, but for a reason, not politics. At the Arsenal training camp in the United States, Ozil betred his French team mate Alexandre Lacazette to strike his first goal, but Lazazet was the winner. "I lost the challenge of the crossbar," Ozil said.

Whoever loses the bet has to do something. So before the Arsenal match against Bayern, Ozil came to the training camp in Los Angeles with blond hair and earrings in his ear and pink glasses. He looked like American Women's World Cup champion Megan Rapino and said, laughing, "That's how life is."

The match ended with a 2-1 win at Arsenal on Thursday (18 July) and Ozil almost scored a new goal against former German team mate Manuel Noir.

In the social networks, lightning speeded up scrawls and cynical comments from Ozil's Newlook, Twitter users and others, along with the image of United States captain Megan Rabino, who recently won her World Cup trophy in France. It was faster than the incident of the Gabonese star Pierre Amric Obamiang, fellow of Massoud Ozil in Arsenal.

Not only that, there are Germans from the semi-Massoud Ozil, famous German folk singer Haino, who grows up Ozil half a century and the age of Haino is 80 years perfectly.


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