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The French military said on Wednesday (July 10th) that US missiles found by forces loyal to the national reconciliation government in Libya at a base of retired general Khalifa Haftar were missiles belonging to France that were out of service and should have been destroyed. These missiles are supposed to be sold or transferred to any party in Libya.

"The Javelin missiles found in Gharyan (in the west) are in fact the French armies they bought from the United States," the statement said. The statement added that the aim of the missiles was to "self-protect a French military unit sent to carry out counterterrorism operations" and that the weapons "were damaged and unusable and were temporarily stored in a warehouse in preparation for their destruction."
The French Ministry of the Armed Forces confirmed what the New York Times had revealed earlier, when it reported that the National Reconciliation Forces last month found four Javelin anti-tank missiles during the raid on the Gryan military base, which was controlled by the Hafar forces. Sale of arms to Libya.

HZ / WB (AFP / Reuters)

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