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China's Huawei Communications Technology is interested in participating in the construction of the 5G network in Germany. This technology will speed up the Internet very much. So a Chinese company will work to get more information! It is China itself that is working hard to isolate the Internet and its social networking platforms. And using sophisticated technology that does not reach the information from Germany to its population.

The middle empire is an empire Censorship

All that -ISHETH -ILLA offers, especially the Chinese program, is blocked in the middle empire. The work of Deutsche Welle's journalists is almost impossible in China. Only by using surveillance software can a small group of people in the People's Republic (China) get unchecked information from Germany and Europe.

This inappropriate work is also being conducted by Beijing with Western media such as the BBC in Chinese. Local guardianship has been increasing for days. In China, it is not possible to enter the two German newspapers of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The Communist Party does not want to talk about human rights in China. Even the news about the fate of the Uighurs in the rehabilitation camps or the status of Tibet, is undesirable. In return, Chinese media programs can be received freely in our country, and Chinese journalists can move freely and cover everything without restrictions.

German politicians such as the Chancellor or the Foreign Minister always draw attention to this great difference. But these appeals often fade without results. The siege continues.

--Intendant Peter Limbourg (- / M. Magunia)

Peter Limburg: Director General of the Deutsche Welle Foundation

Freedom of the press and information are not negotiable

All – attempts to enter into a dialogue with the Chinese side failed or were without result. "If you stop cash coverage we can make deals," says Beijing. Freedom of the press and information is not negotiable. In addition, freedom of expression is a universal human right. What – offers in Chinese are cultural, economic and scientific reports from Germany that will bridge the media between our peoples.

But China will continue to violate the freedom of the press and trample on the legs and block – offers, if there are no consequences for its behavior. In short: Beijing only respond to pressure.

Now there are voices claiming that Huawei is a private company and can not be held responsible for state policy. And who really believes this, it is at least naïve. The Communist Party can control everything in China, and may not always succeed and show less interest in some non-sensitive areas. But that certainly does not apply to billions of dollars invested by a Chinese company in Europe, especially in sensitive and highly sophisticated security technology. It is hard to believe that German and European technology companies are unable to build a modern network themselves. It may take longer, but our engineering is very appreciated around the world.

Good deals require the satisfaction of both parties. As long as China does not permit a real exchange of information, a free democratic society such as ours can not be satisfied. We must be firm. Engaging Huawei in building a 5G network would be a bad deal.

Peter Limburg

The commentary is published in agreement with the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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