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After receiving bomb threats in two mosques in southern Germany two weeks ago, the city's prosecutors said on Thursday (25 July 2019) that there were signs of an extreme right-wing motive behind it. Prosecutors in Munich said today that the letters containing the threats were signed with the words "blood and honor," the name of a banned group of new Nazis.

Two letters bearing the signature of Combat 18, the name of a new Nazi extremist group, were the armed arm of the Blood and Honor group. The Munich city police evacuated mosques on July 11 because of threats, and nothing was found in both mosques. The Central Office for Combating Extremism and Terrorism in Bavaria, Germany, was responsible for the investigations.

The prosecutor said today that a "thorough examination" would be conducted to verify a link between threats to mosques in Mannheim, Duisburg and Mainz as well as threats received by the central headquarters of the Left Party in Berlin. Prosecutors said police had ordered special precautions to protect both mosques in Munich.
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