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It is no secret that Real Madrid star Danny Sibayos will pack his bags and leave the Meringue in the next few days to Arsenal on loan. The young star has come out of Zinedine Zidane's account in his second coaching term with Real Madrid.

The fans of the "guns" are waiting impatiently for the advent of the talented playmaker, especially as Arsenal are in desperate need of a player Danny Sibayos. However, the transfer of the latter to the London team is not without risk.

As for the most prominent of these risks, it is the tongue of Danny Sibaios "Alslait", and his comments "provocative" on more than once on social networking sites, which prevented the formation of the young Spanish star of new friends and subjected to harsh criticism, according to the site "The Sun" .

In the 2015 King's Cup final, Cybayos wrote on his own Twitter account that he wanted a bomb on the pitch, which embraced the Spanish King's Cup final between Barcelona and Atletico Bilbao, because some fans whistled while playing the Spanish national anthem.

Cebaios's statements did not stop there. On another occasion, he expressed his support for General Franco. He also sharply criticized Gerard Pique and Cesc Fabregas's flag during the celebrations of Spain's victory in the 2012 European Nations Cup, "He said.

Cebaios's shots were also spared by the legendary Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas, where Seabios scoffed at a tweet on Twitter from the men of Porto keeper Casillas, forcing Seabios to delete the tweet soon after they were released.

The fans of Arsenal may now be concerned about Sibayos's words and provocative statements, which may cause him new troubles – if he repeats them – especially as the fans of the London club want to climb as soon as possible to the podiums, whether local or continental.

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