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PARIS (Reuters) – The French capital Paris on Monday (July 22, 2019) will host a crisis meeting involving EU and foreign ministers to discuss the rescue of endangered refugees amid the Mediterranean Sea as they try to cross the sea to Europe by boat..

German Foreign Minister Haikou Mas will participate in the meeting, where Minister Mas is expected to promote Germany's proposal for a mechanism to distribute a specific number of refugees rescued through non-governmental organizations to European countries willing to participate in helping refugees. Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salveni said the right-wing populist anti-immigrant politician would not attend the meeting.

Chancellor Angela Merkel described the rescue operations of refugees from drowning in the sea as a "humanitarian duty". The German delegation headed by Mas is expected to present the idea of ​​forming an alliance of so-called countries that are willing to help and are supposed to receive a number of those rescued from drowning in accordance with a mechanism determined by the European Commission.

However, Italy is expected to continue to reject any proposal that includes receiving refugees from rescue ships, as it did at a meeting in Helsinki last Thursday, when Rome rejected a proposal by a French Germany in this regard and delayed the meeting to resolve the crisis..

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salveni said in a letter to his French counterpart Christoph Castner that France and Germany can not individually identify immigration policies, "ignoring the demands of more vulnerable countries" to receive immigrants like Italy and Malta.

"Italy is no longer prepared to accept all migrants arriving in Europe," Salveni wrote Sunday in a comment on Facebook with the message to his French counterpart."He said.

H / H / AAH (AFP, dpa)

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