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Despite the banning and seizure of ships and the criminalization of their humanitarian activities, two organizations have announced the operation of new ships with the aim of resuming the rescue of migrants who board the sea with worn boats to reach Europe.

Doctors Without Borders said "" SOS Today Ah D) 21 July 2019) Said they were resuming rescue operations in the Mediterranean for migrants at risk of drowning. The German organization, Lifeline, based in the city of Dresden, plans to return to its previous activity in saving migrants from drowning in the middle of the sea at the beginning of next August..

The organization " SOSThe European Union, in a statement published in Paris, said that the Norwegian ship "Médecins Sans Frontières" has launched a new campaign to rescue migrants off the coast of Libya, seven months after its ship "Aquarius" was banned from sailing and denied to fly any flag. Ocean Viking is currently heading to the Mediterranean to launch a new search and rescue campaign in the middle of the sea, which has become the most deadly marine route in the world..

"The ship will be in the middle of the Mediterranean, where the bulk of the distress calls will come from, but it will never enter Libya's territorial waters," said Frederic Pinar, director of operations at the organization. "Our presence at sea is aimed at saving lives, and we hope that countries will understand and join us, because there is no other solution in the central Mediterranean region," he said. "It is wrong to say that rescue ships encourage migration. Even without these ships, migrations continue, and a large number of cases of drowning"He said.

Seenotrettung im Mittelmeer - Carola Rackete (picture-alliance / ZUMA Press / LaPresse / C. Cozzoli)

The German captain demanded that all immigrants in Libya be transferred to Europe.

For its part, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) opposed the demands of German Ambassador Carola Rakeetti to transport half a million immigrants from Libya to Europe. Federico Soda, the Mediterranean Commissioner for the Organization, told the German newspaper "Welt" that the International Organization for Migration (IOM) assumes that "dozens of migrants in Libya have the right to international protection"He said.

Soda stressed the need to "evacuate them quickly", but not only to Europe, and said: "There are other countries also offered assistance, Canada for example."

"We hear that there are half a million people in the hands of smugglers or Libyan asylum camps, we have to take them out," Rakeet told the German newspaper Bild last week. She stressed the need to help them immediately cross into Europe.

(Dpa, AFP, Reuters)

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