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The British ambassador to the United States described US President Donald Trump and his administration as "incompetent" and that their performance "is unprecedentedly flawed," according to leaked diplomatic notes published on Sunday (July 7th).

Ambassador Kim Daroush was quoted in secret memos sent to Britain and read by the newspaper as saying that Trump's presidency was "shattering and burning" and "ending with a disgrace." "We do not really believe that this administration will become more natural, less dysfunctional, less moody, less fragmented, less diplomatic," said one of the alleged memoirs attributed to Darouch.

The newspaper said the sharpest comments launched by Darush are those which described Trump as "unstable" and "incompetent."

In another note on Trump's controversial state visit to the UK last month, the British diplomat said that while Trump and his team were "impressed" by this visit, they stressed that Britain's beautiful image would not last long because "America remains the first" for them. The ambassador also referred to information on "chaos and fierce competition" in the White House. He believed that the "false news" that Trump is talking about repeatedly is "mostly true."

The position of Iran is "unconnected" and messy "

Darush is one of Washington's most experienced diplomats, who arrived in January 2016 before Donald Trump won the US presidency. The newspaper said the notes, probably leaked by a British official, cover a period beginning in 2017.

In one of his last letters on June 22, Darush criticized US President George W. Bush's policy on Iran, which increases fear of armed conflict. He believed that Trump's positions on Iran were "unconnected" and "chaotic".

He said that Trump's last-minute retraction of strikes against Tehran in response to the downing of a US aircraft on the grounds that it had caused the deaths of 150 Iranians was "not convincing," adding that Trump was not entirely convinced of the solution. Of the impact of the move, "in which he retracted the promises of his campaign in 2016 on the elections of 2020."

The Foreign Office did not question the validity of the diplomatic notes. "The British have the right to expect honest assessments from our diplomats to our ministers about the policies of the countries they work in," a State Department spokeswoman said. "Their views do not necessarily represent the views of our ministers and government."

"Our team in Washington has strong relations with the White House will not be affected without doubt these behaviors that are worthless," the spokeswoman said, referring to the possible effects of such leaks.

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