Rescue ship "Alan Kurdi" sail again off the Libyan coast News -

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A spokesman for the German relief organization "CI" said on Monday (July 29, 2019) that their ship "Alan Kurdi" will patrol the maritime area west of the capital Tripoli, adding that the competent authorities have been informed.

Alan Kurdi is the only civilian rescue ship currently off the coast of Libya, where about 200 people were drowned last week.

There are currently 131 migrants rescued on board a Coast Guard vessel in the Italian port of Augusta. Italy does not intend to allow these migrants to enter its territory unless other EU countries declare their willingness to receive them.

The EU has long been unable to agree on a distribution mechanism for boat refugees.

The Italian government opposes the reception of migrants who have been rescued from the sea and is strictly addressing members of private relief organizations, which rescue migrants from drowning in the sea.


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