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In an interview with the Spoks website, Dortmund captain Marco Ruiz recalls the six-year-old memory of the "most difficult" moments of his career. At the time, at the end of April 2013, Dortmund were in the Champions League semi-final at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in the Spanish capital Madrid. The German team had achieved a historic achievement by winning the Real four goals against one goal. But when the discount is "Royal White" it is nothing guaranteed!

At the end of the second leg, Real Madrid clenched his teeth, Benzema scored the first goal 82 and Ramos scored the second goal 88 and the result became two goals without a reply. Two minutes remained on the end of the game. If Real scored a third goal, Dortmund's exit from the tournament. "It was a very difficult moment." It was "hell," says German international Marco Ruiz after all those years. "The last ten minutes (of the game) were the toughest ten minutes I've ever had in my career," he told Spokas.
The Dortmund midfielder's experience in Madrid is that, in the Real Madrid stronghold, the atmosphere in the last moments of the game is "noisy" and "the space on the ground is narrower." "Roy was able to score goals very quickly, while we missed big chances and we had to settle the game early," Royce said. The result was a war of nerves to the last moment.
In the end, Dortmund qualified for the current Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, but he clashed with his traditional rival Bayern Munich, who destroyed the European dream of Dortmund and took the title. "We were very good, we had high-speed players and we were not tired," he said.

UEFA Champions League Halbfinal-Rückspiel Real Madrid - Borussia Dortmund (Bongarts / Getty Images)

The Dortmund players are celebrating at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium to reach the final of the Champions League in 2013

Last season, Dortmund was able to recapture part of the Jürgen Club's charm, but that was not enough to get the Bundesliga title, which went back to the Bavarian.

A few weeks before the start of the new league season, the yellow and black team leader Royce promised in an interview with the Sport Bild newspaper that his team would increase the dose and that he was "determined to win in any game he will participate in." "I think that because of the results we achieved last season and the deals we made, any other goal is nonsense," he said.
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