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Saudi Arabia's Adil Airlines confirmed on Sunday (July 7, 2019) that it is determined to limit its fleet to aircraft manufactured by Airbus European competition for American Boeing. For its part, Boeing confirmed the decline of the Saudi company for the deal, and expressed its wishes to the company "Adil Airlines"He said.

Adele Airlines now plans to buy between 30 and 50 Airbus A320s. Saudi Airlines, the owner of Adil Airlines, signed the deal at the Paris Air Show, the world's largest air show in June..

It was not clear then that Saudi Airlines would allocate part of the aircraft to Adele Airlines, in return for the latter's renunciation of Boeing's deal.

Adele Airlines completed its initial Boeing deal in December, which was seen as an achievement for Boeing, because Adele Airlines was limited to Airbus.

These developments came in the wake of the crash of two Boeing 737s in Indonesia last October and in Ethiopia last March, which resulted in the deaths of 346 people, followed by the imposition of several countries ban on the flight of this type of aircraft Boeing.

Preliminary evidence has said there is a suspicion that the cause of the two incidents is due to a controversial Boeing pilot program.


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