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A research team is planning to drill and analyze the moon's rocky soil, with the aim of uncovering some mysteries about the planet that scientists have been unable to solve until today, since humans first landed on the moon more than half a century ago.

Scientists believe the moon, which is about a quarter of the Earth's size and weighs less than 80 times the Earth's weight, has formed about 4.5 billion years ago from the remains of a collision between the planet and another body like the size of Mars. Then the remains of that body rotated around the Earth until it merged in the moon.

But the oldest rocks found on the planet are four billion years old, leaving a period of 500 million years mysterious without any background from scientists during the stage in which our world is.

The mystery of the 500 million years can be found on the moon's surface in some way. "The remnants of the ancient Earth or meteorites that bombed the moon's surface from other objects could be used," said Bill Botke, a researcher at the Department of Space Science at Boulder Southwest Research Institute. As information about how our planet and other nearby planets form in the solar system. "

A team from the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is planning a survey of a network of tunnels formed by the lava that once flowed under the moon. These tunnels carry materials that were not obtained from the earliest times to form the moon and thus form the Earth .

"The volcanic tunnels probably carry the primordial material of the moon, but it is too early to talk about the secrets the material might reveal about the origins of the moon," said William Whitaker, a Carnegie Mellon University researcher.

DUBAI (Reuters)

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