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Searching for a person and asking if he can take a picture of you next to one of the highlights of tourist attractions has become the past. For years, the "Silvi" has become the dominant fashion. But every fashion has dark aspects. Statistics show that the number of victims of "Silvie" in recent years has exceeded the number of victims of shark attacks.

According to data magazine "Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care" India, at least 259 people were killed worldwide between October 2011 and November 2017 while filming "Silvi", while the victims of shark attacks during the same period about 50 people.

Although women are more popular with the Silvie, three-quarters of the victims were men. India ranked first on the list of "victims of the Silvie", where 159 people were killed, whether drowning or falling from high roles, while trying to take a picture of "Sylvie" distinctive. This number represents almost half of the world's victims.

This can be attributed to the high proportion of young people among India's population, which increases the demand for "Silvi" images and competition for the most dangerous footage. Many young people in India were killed, either by a train, while taking a collective photo of Silvie, or drowning while trying to take a picture on a boat. Indian authorities have sounded the alarm, and have begun to "ban the silfi" in some places.

By far, Russia is second on the list of 16 victims of the Silvio, who have died from high-profile bridges and roles after being upset while trying to capture the "Silvie". In one case, a person died while trying to take a picture with a mine. About four years ago, Russian police released a report entitled Silve without Risk, which carries some important guidelines for the Silvie fans"He said.

In the United States, about 14 people were killed in Silvio, most of whom died in an attempt to take a photo with weapons. In Ukraine, the authorities warned tourists via Twitter of the dangers of "serious and foolish silvik images"He said.

Taiwanese "Gigi Wu" is one of the most famous victims of the Silvé. A model of social networking sites known as the Bikini Girl died early this year for an adventure on a mountain in Taiwan. The young woman of Taiwan was famous for her pictures of the bikini she was picking up over the mountain peaks.

In Europe, the authorities have reported many incidents of "salivary fever" adolescents who have entered the competition to capture ".

In parallel to the "silphic fever" sweeping social media, some are trying to express their rejection of this fashion, also through social media through groups that are always commenting on criticism and "angry faces" on the images of the Silvi, whether on Facebook or "Ingram"He said.


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