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Egyptian football fans have been disappointed by the departure of their national team on Saturday evening from the 16th round of the 32nd African Cup of Nations finals in Egypt after losing at the Cairo International Stadium with zero against a goal against South Africa.

In fact, the Egyptians were winning the title with a world-class star like Mohamed Salah, who recently crowned Liverpool with the European Championships, as well as other players such as Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet of the Turkish league, Ahmed Hammadi and Ahmed Hijazi of the English Premier League. However, the problems faced by the Egyptian team, especially with regard to accusing Amr Warda, a professional in Greece, of "harassing" an Egyptian model and then entering into an abusive conversation by phone with a Mexican girl, led to the rejection of a sector of Egyptians to the team and excluded them from achieving anything.

Did Salah support his colleague Warda really?

After the Egyptian team under the leadership of Hassan Shehata called "team prostitutes" launched in the past few days on Twitter, "Sama" (Hashtag), "the team of hackers," was one of the highest tags traded on Twitter in Egypt.

Many of them drew arrows of criticism at the star Mohammed Salah for allegedly supporting Amr Warda in returning to the team after he was dismissed by officials. Warda himself admitted in a video that he made a mistake and apologized for him, returning to the squad for the first time in the second half of the South Africa match.

After Egypt's "disastrous" defeat at home, the score went up again in the hours that followed.

The talk about Salah's support for Amr Warda was based on some introductions. The most important is a post written by Salah during the group stage. He said: "We need to believe in a second chance. We need guidance and education, but avoidance is not the answer."

Although Salah had previously done so, he insisted that "women should be treated with the utmost respect." Although Rami Abbas, the agent of Salah, denied that the Liverpool star had intervened to support Warda, the blame did not stop, especially after the loss to South Africa.

It was natural for some to link the defeat to the green grass to the loss of moral values ​​they see as a prerequisite for sport, especially when it comes to the team.

"Salah became like Messi"

Salah, in an old meeting years ago with the Egyptian media Karim Shehata, the son of coach Hassan Shehata, has expressed his love for Barcelona star and Argentine national team. Does this also include the aspect of the team? One of the worshipers wonders. Messi's Barcelona shirt has a different performance than the stand for the tango shirt, so the Argentinian flea lost a few days ago to his country's Copa America in Brazil.

In the footsteps of Messi, Mo Salah loses the nations of Africa. It is not the first loss for Salah with Egypt. The first to return to 2013 is the battle for the Brazil World Cup against Ghana, then when the Pharaohs lost the African Nations Cup final in 2017 to Cameroon and finally Egypt failed to win any point in the 2018 World Cup. So the result was that the scoundrels ridiculed Salah al-Saer on Messi's "failed" way of representing his country.

Liverpool fans are happy

After Egypt lost to South Africa, Liverpool told Tottres that coach Jürgen Klopp gave Mo Salah a three-week break and returned to the team before the end of the month to enter a preparation camp for next season.

Some of them are less likely to be in favor of Salah in Egypt than in Liverpool.

Others praised the "boys" team, which made Salah go to the holiday. Salah had played for Liverpool for a long season, losing the English Premier League by a point to Manchester City and then crowned with the Reds at the expense of Tottenham. He should rest well in preparation for the new season. "Thank you South Africa for winning," said some. "Now Mu can go on holiday." And the one who said that the calamities of folk when people benefits!


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