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It is difficult for many today to imagine everyday life without a smartphone, but the world's largest technology companies expect the "extinction" of the smartphone and has already begun to prepare for the post-smartphone phase.

For more than three years, IBM has been developing a digital folding clock that can be converted into a smart phone or a tablet, and thus the ability to determine the required screen size to suit the functionality required. Only recently, with the acceleration of electronic devices, has the digital model of the proposed digital clock appeared as a wristwatch that is thicker than the normal time of having folding screen parts at the bottom of the clock's main screen.

Experts predict that this innovation will replace the smartphone in the near future. But this does not prevent some of the views that these ideas are not practical and will not go beyond the scope of "interesting and interesting ideas," confirming their view of the emergence of the idea of ​​digital clock can be transformed into a smartphone for the first time in 2016 and not obtain approval of the US company to implement Recently, according to the site "Phuket Lint."

Large companies such as Apple have already made copies of digital watches for several years. Samsung has also offered its folding phone on the market, but it has many technical problems.


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