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South Korean aircraft on Tuesday (July 23rd) fired about 400 warning shots at a Russian warplane, while Tokyo protested to Moscow after the Russian aircraft violated airspace of a disputed area between Tokyo and Seoul.

Seoul confirmed that a Russian A-50 aircraft had twice entered its airspace near the disputed Dokdo islands claimed by Tokyo, dubbed the Takishima Islands.

South Korean authorities said they had responded by sending a number of F-15K and F-16K aircraft to intercept the aircraft, firing 80 warning rounds the first time, and 280 second-time rounds.

Moscow has denied violating South Korean airspace. "We are dealing with this incident with great seriousness and we will take the harshest measures if repeated," a South Korean presidential spokesman quoted South Korean national security adviser Chung Ayo Wong as saying. "The Russian Security Council is to assess the situation and take the necessary measures." Tokyo protested to Moscow.

"We learned that Russian military aircraft flew over the Sea of ​​Japan this morning and twice violated our airspace near Takeshima," Japanese government spokesman Yoshihidi Suga said. "Given that information, we strongly protested."

He also noted that Tokyo had also sent warplanes, adding that Japan had also protested to Seoul, condemning its "very regrettable" reaction.

"Aerial Defense Survey Area"

The Russian military confirmed that Seoul's protest was linked to an "air defense zone" set up by South Korea by a unilateral resolution, not included in international law and not recognized by Russia.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that "two TU-95 + MMS + Russian armed forces carried out a planned flight over the neutral waters of the Sea of ​​Japan," stressing that no "warning shot" was fired by South Korea.

According to the South Korean army's chief of staff, a Russian I-50 warplane penetrated Seoul's airspace twice over the waters of its eastern coast.

A South Korean military official told AFP that the Russian airliner violated Korean airspace twice, prompting the South Korean air force to send its aircraft and fire warning shots at it.

He said the first time was recorded at 9 am (midnight on Monday July 22) and lasted three minutes. The plane returned after half an hour and broke into airspace for four minutes this time, the source said.

In response, the Air Force sent a number of F-15K and F-16K aircraft to intercept the aircraft and fired light bombs to warn the aircraft after sending a letter to its crew. The official said it was the first time a Russian airliner had violated South Korean airspace, adding that the military was investigating the issue. At one point, the distance between the South Korean and Russian planes was one kilometer, according to Seoul.

A South Korean military source said the Russian plane "appeared to have no hostile intentions" because it was "flying at a constant speed."

For his part, the Russian army accused two South Korean F-16 fighter jets of "carrying out unprofessional maneuvers by cutting the Russian strategic bombers and threatening their security."


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