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The "memorabilia" found by security staff at airports around the world are often seen in newspapers that are often funny. Some rare, endangered or reptile animals have been found, or in a few incidents, as artifact to be professionally smuggled between luggage. But it seems that a US passenger has put in his luggage something hard to believe is nothing more than a "souvenir" that later reminds him of his travel, where they had a rocket launcher from the man's luggage.

Authorities at Baltimore Washington International Airport seized the deadly weapon immediately, the US Transportation Safety Agency (TSA) said in a tweet on Monday.

In this context, AFP quoted the passenger as saying he had brought the rocket launcher as a "souvenir" from Kuwait. Lisa Farbstein, spokeswoman for the US Transport Safety Agency, wrote on Twitter: "Perhaps it would have been better to bring a medal instead of a rocket launcher That".

According to the US agency, a man from Texas, a member of the US military, the rocket launcher was idle, but was not allowed to take her in the plane. Security officers at the firefighting airport, who had transferred the weapons to the competent authorities, called for the destruction. "Military weapons are not allowed in hand luggage or checked baggage at airports," the US Transportation Safety Agency said. However, the man was allowed to continue his journey without the authorities announcing his destination.


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