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The Algerians did not achieve glory for their national team only when they brought it to the African Cup of Nations 2019 final against Senegal, but also because this achievement means a lot to them personally, especially those who lived in very difficult circumstances in the past, almost lost their football future before heading towards stardom .

Returned from the ashes of "cocaine"

Joseph Blailey is a real success story for a player who was threatened with a jail sentence for cocaine. Many predicted his star would disappear after the taboo scandal before returning to glowing. The case dates back to August 2015, when an African Union doctor exposed the steroids to Joseph in the match between UEFA and UEFA in the African Champions League, ending with serious doubts about the doping. The Algerian federation then conducted a new examination, As well as cocaine.

CAF's decision to suspend the player for two years in all national and continental competitions was followed by a stricter decision by FIFA in March 2016 to lift the penalty of the player, in addition to other players, to a four-year suspension, That Blailey tried to avoid this severe punishment when he confessed to the local union that he was banned.

Africa Cup 2019 Senegal v Algerien (Getty Images / AFP / K. Desouki)

Yousef Blaile, No. 8

However, the player was emitted from his ashes despite the difficulty of the track. The start of the return was filed with the Court of Arbitration for Sports (TAS). The decision of the latter ended in November 2016, enabling the penalty to be reduced to two years. The summer of 2017, where he joined the French team Angie, and then moved quickly to Esperance Tunisia.

In Tunisia, the challenge to Blailey was twofold: to confirm that the cocaine page had been frozen forever and to make his second experience with the Tunisian team succeed after he failed to impose his style when he played between 2012 and 2014. He had the Champions League with Esperance in 2018 and reached the 2019 final – waiting for Tass to decide the fate of the final with Wydad. Today he is one of the leading players in Alcan. He scored two goals and officially took part in five Matches out of six.

From a thin boy .. to the most expensive Arab player

Not many football colleagues, when he was playing for the city of Sarsel, thought he would turn into one of the continent's top stars, even the world, because of his slender physique. "They said that I was very skinny, and anyone would push me away from the ball," Mehrez said in a previous interview with Ghadriyan. "I had good skills, but physically, I was not strong, I was not fast, but I worked very hard."

His mother was a technician in electronics, and he did not practice the ball in the well-known training centers, according to a report by So-Foot. . The biggest trauma he received, the death of his father, and Riyadh does not exceed the age of 15 years.

Afrika-Cup 2019 | Tansania vs. Algerien (Reuters / A.A Dalsh)

Riad Mehrez – No. 7

The shock prompted Riyad to work more, to assert himself in the smaller ranks of the club, and then move to second division Kempe, but the stop was with Leicester City, where he was named best player in the Premier League and the league title, To Manchester City, at a record £ 60 million. In his first year, he scored three domestic titles and even scored a goal in the league game at Brighton's expense, with a shot no less than his goal against Nigeria in the semi-final.

A tattoo tells a sad story

From the father of a Mexican-French and an Algerian-French mother, Andy Delor, between carrying my shirt elected French and Algerian, to confirm his game for the "desert fighters", where he participates in the African Cup for the first time in his career, after the acquisition of Algerian nationality recently, Of the Algerian law allows the mother to grant her nationality to her son.

The follower may think that the small tattoo is just under his right eye for the decoration, but the story behind it mixes feelings and is associated with the player's family. In an interview dated March 20, 2017 with the French newspaper L'Equipe, Andy talked about his parents' divorce as a young man, and how he always cried in his life, whether for happy or sad things, noting that he had printed the teardrop tattoo when he was under the care of his father , At a time when the relationship between the two sides is negative, but nevertheless, Andy confirms that his father encouraged him to play the ball since his youth.

But Andy's life in the stadium was somewhat offset by the harshness of the family's life. His career began to glow at an early age, especially when he moved to Ajaccio's first-division side under 18, coming from Sete. Ajaccio has a number of clubs, most recently Montpellier, scoring 14 goals last year.

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