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One of the most striking phenomena associated with the rise of the populist right in Germany and throughout Europe is the threat of big cities and small towns to kill, insult and insult local politicians and attack their family members in school or playgrounds.

During the year 2018, the authorities documented about 1,200 attacks and attacks on local officials on political grounds, as noted by Borchhard Young, head of the German City Congress, also mayor of Leipzig. In practice, this means three daily attacks by local officials across the country.

Steinmeier has invited local mayors and local officials to visit the presidential palace in Berlin to discuss the threats they face after the governor of conservative Kassel province, Walter Lubke, was killed by a suspected extremist in Germany.

The main suspect in the murder of Lubke has pleaded guilty to the crime but has retreated from his confession for reasons of defense tactics. Steinmeier stressed to these politicians on Wednesday (10 July 2019) in the capital Berlin that "they have to know that the Federal President stands by them"He said.

The German president said that it seems that local politicians are being attacked in a very deliberate manner, stressing the need to protect them from persecuting the perpetrators through the rule of law. "But we need the awareness of the whole society that certain individuals are not attacked, "He said.

He stressed that local politicians and members of the Councils of cities and municipalities are preparing "the face of democracy and its voice," stressing that they deserve respect and recognition and that they need "support from a very broad sector of society"He said.

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