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Doctors often say that the cause of diseases that affect people of different psychological, and psychological imbalance produces a disease in the body. Doctors are therefore advised to stay away from the causes of psychological stress. There are so-called "broken heart syndrome" that result from loss of Habib, separation from him, or even stress, fear, anger and sadness. They appear in a narrow form of breathing, pressure on the chest, breathing speed and sometimes heart attack.

A study from the American Heart Association links this time between "broken heart" syndrome and cancer, which can affect the intestine, breast, or even the respiratory system or possibly the genitals and skin. The Corrier site of the American Heart Association reports that there are no indications yet of the results, but a possible relationship. The study looked at 1,604 cases of people with "broken heart" syndrome, and found 267 of them with cancer.

Dr. Christian Templin of the University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland, said people with "broken heart syndrome" should be screened for cancer. "Our study should also increase awareness among oncologists and hematologists that we should think about broken heart syndrome in cancer patients with chest pain, shortness of breath, or abnormalities in their electrocardiogram," he said.

The researchers at the University of Zurich have published a new study on this subject, MRI has shown to 15 patients, how certain areas of the brain communicate with each other worse than healthy people. Suggesting that changes in brain function may be related to the "broken heart" syndrome.

The syndrome is also called Takotsubo syndrome. The label is due to the weakness of the "broken heart" muscle causing abnormal bloating. The left ventricle takes the form of the Japanese octopus Takotsubo. As the statistics show, Takotsubo syndrome is more common in women. The German website Wise Life reports that 87.8 percent of the cases diagnosed with cancer in the American Heart Association study are women.

A study in 2017 showed that the mortality rate after broken heart syndrome was much higher than previously thought. But they are life-threatening, such as a heart attack, according to the previous source.

In the photo gallery this is a set of nutritional tips that can help you get away from stress, do not forget to move away from the psychological weaknesses and causes and look for ways to restore your "broken heart" health quickly.


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