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More than half of Germany's population sees Islam as a clear "threat" to society, not a "cultural source of richness and diversity," like other religions, including Buddhism and others, according to a German study by the Bertelsmann Foundation..

The results varied Among the participants in this study among the descendants They are called the new states (formerly East Germany) and the inhabitants of western Germany. The The percentage was in the eastern states 57 Of the total respondents, while the percentage stabilized at fifty percent.

The study results showed Said on Thursday (July 11) that community awareness in Germany does not consider Islam a religion but rather a "political ideology." Jasmine Al-Manwar, an expert on Islam in the German Bertelsmann Foundation, pointed out. Because of the controversy over immigration, especially after the arrival of large groups of refugees in 2015, the image of Islam has become more negative.

In the same context, Raouf Sailan, an expert on Islam, commented on the German Protestant Agency (ABD) That Islam and integration issues have been "broken" between them for years, and that events in the Middle East are seriously damaging the image of Islam.

On the other hand, the results of the study indicate that 89 percent of Germans, followers of the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, see democracy in Germany as a good form of government. The authors of the study relied on the "indicator of religion""He said.

The authors warn that ideological perceptions Religious intolerance and "intolerance of other religions" could be detrimental to democracy at the long run, which the researchers considered "a cause of concern"He said.

The estimated number of Muslims in Germany is about 5 million Muslims, 1.5 million of whom live in North Rhine-Westphalia alone.

WB / ADJM (dpa, bd)

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