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The Sudanese army announced on Wednesday (July 24, 2019) the arrest of the chief of staff and a number of senior military officers, security services and intelligence and leaders of the Islamic Movement on charges of planning and participating in a coup attempt on July 11.

The military junta then confirmed the foiling of a coup attempt and the arrest of 12 officers and four soldiers, adding that "the arrest of others, including the leader of the failed coup attempt."

Today, the official news agency quoted a military statement that the former chief of staff Joint Chief of Staff, Hashim Abdul Muttalib, was at the head of the participants in this coup attempt. According to the statement, a number of officers of the army and security participated in the attempted coup along with leaders of the Islamic Movement and the National Congress Party, which was led by Bashir.

"The defendants have been detained and are being investigated for trial," the team said in a statement on state television. He added that the failed attempt aimed at "aborting the revolution and the return of the former National Congress system to rule and blocking the way to a political solution that aims to establish the civil state dreamed by the Sudanese people," according to his words.

The chief of staff stressed that the armed forces and the rapid support forces and police forces and the security and national intelligence "will remain unified and renew the covenant that will not compromise in the protection of the country and the assets and objectives of the revolution," as he put it.

The details of the coup attempt came a week after the military council and the Alliance of Freedom and Change Forces, which leads the protests, signed an agreement to form a joint military-military council to establish a transitional administration to run the country for a 39-month period.

The Council has 11 members, 5 military and 6 civilians, 5 of them from the Forces for Freedom and Change. The two sides are expected to continue negotiations to sign the constitutional declaration, which contains complex contentious issues regarding the formation of parliament and immunity required by the army generals.

(AFP, dpa, Reuters)

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