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The leaders of the protest in Sudan and the ruling junta on Wednesday (17 July 2019) signed the initials of a political agreement document defining the frameworks of governing institutions, a key demand for protesters since the ouster of President Omar al-Bashir last April..

The parties signed the "political declaration" after intensive talks at night to complete the details, part of the political agreement between the parties.

"This is a historic moment" for the Sudan, said Mohammad Hamdan Daglo, vice-president of the military junta, also known as Hamidati. He added that the agreement is "a historic moment in the life of the Sudanese nation and its struggle and opens a new and promising era of partnership between the armed forces and the forces of rapid support with the leaders of the glorious Sudanese revolution and our partners in the force of freedom and change."

"Today the political declaration has been completed and this is part of the political agreement, and the constitutional document will continue to be discussed on Friday," said Ibrahim al-Amin, deputy head of the National Umma Party.

The agreement, reached on July 5, was sponsored by the African Union and Ethiopian mediators after intensive negotiations between the protest leaders and the ruling junta. The deal dealt with the rotation of the presidency of a "sovereign council" governing the country for a three-year transitional period.

Under the new agreement, the military will first head the transitional body for 21 months, with the presidency moving to civilians for 18 months.

The agreement broke a political crisis in Sudan since President Omar al-Bashir was ousted in April after months of protests against his rule.. Tension escalated on June 3 as protesters staged a sit-in outside the General Headquarters of the Armed Forces in Khartoum, which left scores of people dead and wounded.. Talks on details of the agreement since July 5 have been delayed several times at the request of protesters' leaders.


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