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In the midst of the holiday season and the willingness of many Egyptians living abroad to travel to Egypt, hours after the end of Egypt's hosting of the African Cup, the decision of the German airline Lufthansa sudden suspension of flights to Egypt, after a similar decision from the British Airways, to put many question marks And at the same time opens the door to speculation and speculation.

Social networking sites were the first arena to question and search for reasons amid the absence of any clear information in the statements of the two airlines.

The decisions that came hours after Egypt organized an important sporting event that did not witness security problems contributed to the emergence of opinions that tend to link most decisions, especially those coming from Western countries, to the desire to stop development in Egypt without looking for any possible causes on the ground. The German expert on Egyptian affairs, Stefan Rolle, says that he always shows up in Egypt with most of the developments. The Egyptian expert on the German Institute for Security and International Politics in an interview with : "Egyptians in such situations often rush to the role of the victim, and adopt interpretations stemming from the conspiracy idea which I see as totally unlikely, nor can I find any reason for the British or German side to do so."

For his part, following the British researcher and journalist Ian Black on the Egyptian speculation of the existence of a political background behind the decision, and said in an interview – Arab: "It is well known that European governments are not happy with the political situation, but they are not critical of this. They focus more on immigration issues from the Middle East and security issues, and do not comment too much on internal issues either in Egypt or in other countries.

Lufthansa's particular position, which initially declared a temporary suspension of flights to resume and announce its resumption the following day, caused considerable criticism of the two companies, particularly because of the lack of clear reasons. German expert Roll, pointed to the existence of two explanations, the closest to the reality is the possibility of smuggling a bomb on board an aircraft, especially since this happened in the Russian plane crash in Sharm El Sheikh in 2015. The German expert: "Since this time a lot of development And the improvement (at the level of Egyptian airports), but can not say whether this is enough, the airlines may have received information on the existence of such a risk made them reassess the security situation again, "noting that despite the great efforts to resume flights between Russia Despite the return of flights to Cairo, N The charter flights of Egyptian tourist resorts are still pending, indicating that the Russian side also has concerns.

Visiting British researcher at the Center for Middle East Studies in London (LSE) pointed out that British Airways' decision should not be viewed in isolation from the full picture, noting that the British Foreign Office also warned simultaneously of terrorist attacks in Egypt, and a report from the same Egyptian side Revealed that British officials did not identify themselves, to conduct security tests at Cairo airport. Bluff added that Lufthansa's decision reinforces the impression that there is information about a potential attack. "Two big companies can not take the same decision at a close time, just a coincidence," he said.

For its part, Cairo criticized the decision of British Airways, Sameh Hefni, head of the Civil Aviation Authority (in statements to Egyptian media), that the decision here is unilateral and based on very weak information. He explained that Lufthansa had taken a similar decision to British Airways, stressing that German Airways had reviewed the British company regarding the reasons for suspension of flights and then made a kind of security assessment and on that basis decided to reboot after only three hours of the decision.

After hours of searching for possible causes, footage of Cairo airport fans appeared in a state of chaos, which caused some to blame for the current situation at Cairo airport. This was denied by Hefani, who confirmed (in statements to Egyptian media) that The Algerian fans' crisis at Cairo airport has nothing to do with the decision of British Airways, explaining that the problem was not to provide the Algerian side with aircraft to bring Algerian fans home.

Although the information on which such decisions are based is confidential and does not go public, the future developments of the case in the coming period may reveal some of the backstage.

Ibtisam Fawzi

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