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Five years ago, the Syrian refugee Abu Muhammad lived in Istanbul. Although he has a temporary protection permit (Turkish: Kimlek), he fears that he can be deported to Syria, especially after the recent crackdown on Turkish security forces, which deported Syrians to Idlib.
"Even if you have Kimmelk, you may be deported if you do not carry him when the Turkish police ask him," says the 50-year-old refugee.

What Abu Mohammed is afraid of happened with the Syrian young man Amjad Tablia, 18. The latter reports through social networking sites that the Turkish police deported him from Istanbul to Idlib because he did not carry a temporary residence card when he went out to buy some items, as he put it.
In a video posted on the Internet, Amjad tells how Turkish police forced him with other youths to sign a paper before being deported to Idlib, although he has a temporary residence permit issued by Istanbul. Amjad said in the video that he was a school student who had lived in Istanbul for four years, stressing that he had not committed any crime to be deported.
Amjad points out that the Turkish police tied their hands during their return to Syria on a 19-hour journey, adding that they were insulted, insulted and insulted by Turkish security men.

In the context of widespread debate in Turkey over the issue of the deportation of Syrians to their country, including Amjad, the province of Istanbul on Monday (July 22) issued a statement in which the Syrians, who do not have temporary protection permits issued, until 20 August to exit the city, Warning that those who do not return until the end of the deadline will be deported to the provinces registered.

The statement pointed out that the new registration for temporary protection in Istanbul has been closed, adding: "We will continue to arrest those entering the country illegally and we are taking them out of the country as part of our fight against illegal immigration."

"The campaign is continuing and we are working on the return of the deportees"
"It is normal for every Syrian refugee to feel fear in Istanbul," said Abu Mohammed, who lives in the Kuchuk-Chikmege neighborhood of the city. "If we, who have the chemical, are afraid, , Let alone those who have lived and worked here for years without being granted or renewed by the authorities. "

The "Forum of Syrian Societies in Turkey" has denied the news about the cessation of the campaign, and called on all Syrians in Turkey to "correct their legal status and move to Turkish cities to allow the Syrians to issue a new Kimlek.

The association advised all those who have Kimlk outside the city to stay in a safe place or return to the city from which the Kimmel was removed until the end of the campaign and added that they are working with the Immigration Service in Istanbul to return the youth who were deported to Syria Despite Kimmel's presence with them.
Abu Mohammed says that some of his relatives and neighbors do not dare leave the house after the recent events because they do not have a residence permit, and "like thousands," as he put it.

"Arbitrary deportation" or "legalization of residency"?
The recent campaign by the Turkish police to deport Syrian refugees has sparked controversy on social networking sites as well.

Where he considered the Syrian researcher at Istanbul Technical University, d. Said Sabbagh that what happened to the Syrians is "flawed" and wrote in a tweet on Twitter: "What happened in Istanbul is defective, arbitrary deportation and the sudden application of conflicting decisions and not hearing the complaints of refugees."

"The law requires that the refugees be given a residence permit, a work permit and a tax record. What happened in Istanbul is an arbitrary deportation, a sudden application of conflicting decisions, a failure to hear refugee complaints, a 2% .

Others said the issue was nothing more than an "organization of residency." Ali wrote in a comment on Facebook: "The issue is only a distribution of the provinces and an organization of residency, where many people have residences in Gaziantep and Mardin but they come to Istanbul" Turkish by giving way to "violators" and resolve the status of some family cases.
Others hope that recent events will not make them regret the decision to stay in Turkey.

"Five years ago I had the opportunity to travel to Europe, but I preferred to stay in Turkey as a guest to travel to Europe and get my right to asylum. I think many Syrians were thinking like me," Abbas Shams wrote. "But because of the campaign against the Syrians now, We ask Allaah not to make us ungrateful. "

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