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Algerians and many followers celebrated the culmination of the Desert Warriors in the 2019 African Cup of Nations after beating Senegal in the final with a single goal. The responses came in a variety of social networking sites.

"You, the sons of Algeria, have made us happy and grateful for your diligence, cooperation and the spirit of the team that was among you," wrote the Egyptian Mustafa Hosni. "Egypt, my greetings to you and to all the beloved people of Algeria.

The pictures and scenes of the players of the team, who worship after the end of the match with unprecedented attention, and published the account of the new day channel, accompanied by a comment: "Thank you heroes of Algeria .. You have achieved the dream and honored the national flag."

Attention has shifted to the label of the "Al-Ajdeen" team, a description previously referred to as the Egyptian team.

The Algerian novelist Ahlam Mosteghanemi chose a special way to celebrate, as she published a video of her dancing, accompanied by an enthusiastic music singing in Algeria:

From Yemen, Mukhtar Rahbi, the former press secretary of the Yemeni presidency and adviser to the Yemeni minister of information, gave a Yemeni video to the Algerian national team, the video that was produced after the Greens qualified for the final against Nigeria.

The Egyptian announcer on the BN Sport channels, Ahmed Fuad, wrote: "The heroes' battalion … Congratulations to the desert crusaders … Congratulations to the Algerian people, Algeria, the champion of Africa.

The Yemeni activist Tawakul Kerman, a picture of her, is published in the Algerian flag, accompanied by a comment: "Congratulations my beloved Algeria .. Congratulations."

The Algerian player Gamal El Din Ben Amri, who was bleeding after rough contact with Sadio Mani, received a wide appreciation from most of the tired, and Saudi Arabia's Abdelaziz Al-Ahmari wrote: "This is the spirit to answer championships. Your lover from Saudi Arabia ".

Salim al-Hamdani also quoted verses from the Algerian national anthem to read: "The Liberation Front has given you a covenant and we have determined that Algeria will live as a witness … Witness … Witness …"

The former Egyptian star Abu Trika wrote: "And the conclusion of Algeria … Congratulations to the Algerian team to the African Nations Cup title worthy of merit … and Mabruk Egypt excellent organization and hosting more than wonderful."

The journalist Abdel Bari Atwan recovered the story of the Algerian player Rachid Hercock in the 1980s to write: "Harkouk preferred the Algerian team to the English one of his goals from a free kick dropped Chelsea to the second division and stepped up his team Notts County to the first .. And his goals defeated Manchester United .. I pray today from For the victory of Algeria dear to the championship like hundreds of millions .. This country always raising our heads. "

One of the political figures who blessed the Algerian team was the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who wrote: "A Mabrouk for desert warriors Algeria won the African Nations Cup … a deserved victory … a great match and a great Arab joy made by Algeria."

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