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To kiss his reasons and various occasions, whether to express social relations and attitudes such as welcome and greetings for example or to express an emotional relationship and intimate. The habits and forms of kissing vary from region to country. The kiss also has health benefits, but it also has its benefits. Given the importance of the Qibla in the culture of peoples, the world celebrates on July 6 each year the World Day of the Kiss. These are some facts about the qiblah you may not have known before:

1 – 6.4 calories burned during kissing every minute. Two couples managed to break the record in this area and burn 24198.4 calories while kissing. While the "very intimate emotional kiss" can burn up to 20 calories per minute.

2 – There is a science specialist in the study of kisses called "the science of kisses" or "Vlimatologi." For example, researchers in the field found that two-thirds of the two were inclined to the right when kissing.

3. The Qibla continues to average more than 12 seconds in our day. While the Qibla length in the 1980s was only 5.5 seconds.

4 – Encourages doctors to kiss because it helps to strengthen the immune system and slow the process of aging. In addition, thinking about kissing increases the salivation of the saliva and dissolves tooth plaque (the yellow deposits above the teeth).

5 – Kissing affects positively on driving the car, as scientists have found that kissing before driving reduces aggression and thus reduce the proportion of traffic accidents. As for driving, it is not recommended to kiss at all.

6. When kissing, 100 billion neurons are stimulated, and then the hormones of happiness and adrenaline that fill the body with energy are released and the heart beats faster. Which also contributes to high body temperature and high blood pressure.

7. When kissing, about 60 milligrams of water are exchanged with the partner, 0.5 milligrams of protein, 0.15 milligrams of glandular secretions and 0.4 milligrams of salts, and up to 22,000 types of bacteria are also exchanged!

8 – Kissing is a gesture of tenderness instinctively performed by humans, as some other organisms like monkeys. Some animals also perform this process in different ways, such as geese through beaks and elephants through hoses.

9. Kissing in 90 per cent of the world's countries is for purposes and in different forms. In France, for example, three times kissing on the cheek. Or in Japan, for example, only when you want to have sex.

10. In some places, it is prohibited or unacceptable to kiss, for example, on Sundays in public places in the states of Michigan and Connecticut for religious reasons. The "ethical rules" must also be adhered to in the Turkish capital Metro Ankara and also prevent kissing. A couple were warned because the surveillance cameras photographed them while kissing in the Metro.

Carla Blaker / The Time of Badri

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