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Libyan Red Crescent teams on Friday (July 26, 2019) recovered the bodies of 62 migrants whose boat had sank Thursday off the coast east of Tripoli.

"Our teams have recovered 62 bodies of migrants from yesterday evening until this afternoon," said Abdel Moneim Abu Sabia, head of the exhumation team in the Red Crescent city of the coastal city of Champs-Elysées. He added: "The bodies are still floating on the beach continuously, and can not be counted the total number," stressing that "the process will continue on Friday evening and probably Saturday to complete the recovery operations of the bodies of migrants."

A source in the municipal council of the city of Al-Khums, about 120 kilometers east of Tripoli, said local authorities had collected the bodies in a temporary place until they were buried later. "Legal procedures in addition to locating the burial place impede the speedy burial of the bodies of migrants," he said.

A boat carrying 250 migrants sank north of the city of Khums, killing 115 migrants in exchange for the rescue of 143 others and the exhumation of one body, said Libyan naval spokesman Brigadier General Ayoub Qassem.

UNHCR spokesman Charlie Yexley said the incident raised the number of migrants killed this year in the Mediterranean to more than 600, meaning that 2019 is on its way to becoming the sixth consecutive year of the death of more than a thousand immigrants. He said survivors of the boat sinking would probably be taken to detention centers in Libya where they would face other risks and called for their immediate release.

Save hundreds on board two boats

European Union Secretary of State Federica Mujerini said on Friday that the drowning was a "terrible reminder" of the dangers faced by migrants who want to leave Libya for Europe.

Later on Friday, the Libyan navy announced in a statement that one of its patrols rescued on Thursday 269 migrants who were traveling on two rubber boats about 100 km north of the village of Bouleli, east of Tripoli. The first boat had 182 illegal immigrants, including nine women and two children, according to the statement, which showed that immigrants of different nationalities.

The statement added that other members of the Coast Guard were able to "rescue a rubber boat carrying 87 illegal immigrants, all men, 90 km north-east of Tripoli." He explained that "84 migrants of Sudanese nationality and three from Bangladesh."


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