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The Beblos International Festivals Committee announced the cancellation of the Laila concert, which was scheduled for Friday, August 9, on the festival runway in Lebanon. The festival committee issued a statement apologizing to the public and declaring that it had to cancel the concert to prevent bloodshed and maintain security and stability. "He said.

The decision of the festival came in response to the demand of the Lebanese district of Jbeil to cancel the ceremony. Ziad Al-Hawat, Simon Abi Rumia and Mustapha Al-Husseini held meetings with organizers of the festival in an effort to preserve the image of Jbeil and its role based on respect for sanctities, values ​​and principles. The three.

The three deputies added: "We have made the necessary contacts for treatment away from populism and defamation, based on our adherence to religious sanctities and maintenance within the framework of respect for freedoms."

In a third statement, the Laila Project expressed its regret for "any person who sensed any violation of their beliefs" in any of its songs, stressing their respect for the beliefs of others. The group also referred to what they described as "libelous and defamatory campaigns and false accusations" against them.

However, the group also mentioned their commitment to the right to disagree, saying "the fragility of the situation in Lebanon" and expressing their hope to meet the Lebanese public in a "more tolerant and receptive atmosphere."

Commenting on the decision to cancel the ceremony, Amnesty International said through its official Twitter account that the cancellation of the Layla project was "a sign of the Lebanese government's failure to take measures to protect the group and a sign of the deterioration of freedom of expression in Lebanon."

The Maronite Catholic Church of Jbeil issued a statement last week accusing the band of "touching religious values" through most of its songs, adding that it is not appropriate to host concerts that "directly conflict with the Christian faith."

The prosecutor of Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, also issued a decision to release the members of the squad following the investigation into them, accusing them of "harming Christian holy sites," according to the Lebanese daily An Nahar.

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