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Egyptian actor Farouq al-Fishawi died on Thursday (25 July) for 67 years after his last and most difficult role in the theater of life in the fight against cancer.

Al-Feshawi surprised the artistic center and its fans in October last year while honoring the opening of the Alexandria Film Festival for the Mediterranean countries by announcing that it had cancer.

"After some tests, tests and radiation, my GP told me I had cancer," he said Headache, determination and determination I will win it. " His health deteriorated rapidly last week.

The syndicate of representative professions called the late artist in a statement in which he said that al-Feshawi "was a symbol of the symbols of Egyptian art … and will remain"He said.

As well as a large number of artists through social media Including Salah Abdullah, Ahmed Al Sakka, Mohammed Adel Imam and Amr Abdul Jalil Rania Youssef, Elham Shahin, Fifi Abdo, Donia Samir Ghanem and Eman Assi.

His career

Al-Fishawi was born in 1952 in Menoufia Governorate and graduated from the Faculty of Arts He then joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. His career began halfway The seventies before being featured in the series (my dear sons .. thanks) with the actor Abdel Moneim Madbouli and director Mohamed Fadel.

He then embarked on a cinema that earned him great fame and proved his talent after he excelled In serious roles and comedies alike.

He stood in front of the giants of representation in Egypt and presented with the late Farid Shawqi many films including (Al Batiniya), (Fatwa Al Jabal), (Monsters of the port), (when the men cry) and (palm) and (Professor knows more).

On the stage was presented (lower world upside down) and (البرنسيسة) and (the most reasonable doctor) and (people who are in Altal), and was the last play in which he participated (King Lear) with actor Yahya al-Fakharani. Al-Feshawi married actress Sumaya Al-Alfi and Ahmed and Amm were born. Ahmed also entered the field of representation.

Last week, the National Theater Festival announced that it would be honored Al-Fishawi in its next session in August.

WB / ADJM (Reuters, AFP)

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