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Brazilian striker Neymar arrived in Saint Germain's stronghold in Paris on Monday, a week after the start of the training. Enough reason for the rebirth of the new football manager Leonardo, who attacked, and in front of the rest of the team, Neymar inside the players' cabin. It should be noted that this deal is new with Neymar in Paris, who called for special treatment as one of the conditions of his move from Barcelona to the ranks of the French Ligue 1 in a deal worth 222 million euros.

A severe verbal warning obtained by the attacker, as revealed by the newspaper "Sport" Spanish, explaining that the director of the ball asked the player to make an official apology. Neymar, known for his commitment to training, is also awaiting the maximum financial penalty for his team.
The Parisian club seems to have decided to change its approach with the star players. It is no longer necessary to attend the club's top stars, such as Angel de Maria and Cavani, when Leonardo plans to address the team.
Another development for Neymar, the newspaper says, is that Leonardo demands the rest of the players to settle their personal disputes with Neymar directly and personally without resorting to club management.
As far as we know, Neymar wants to return to Barcelona at any price, but PSG does not want to rush the deal. For the director, things are clear: "We have not made any specific offer." So Neymar is playing for Paris Saint-Germain for three more years "He said.
For his part, the German coach Thomas Tugel that Neymar will join the team on his trip to Asia, having missed the flight of Germany flash. "We will accompany him to China, where we will train and then he will be involved in the matches," said Tukhel.

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