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The European powers urged Iran on Tuesday (July 9, 2019) to return from its breach of the nuclear agreement after Tehran announced on Monday that it would increase the rate of uranium enrichment to at least 4.5 percent, noting that the agreement sets the rate of 3.67 percent ceiling for uranium enrichment It threatened to take additional measures within "60 days" if its demands were not met.

Germany, Britain and France on Tuesday expressed "deep concern" about the worsening crisis. A joint statement by the foreign ministers of the three countries with Federica Mujerini, EU foreign relations chief, said that Iran's failure to meet its commitments and begin to enrich uranium in higher quantities than was stipulated in the agreement is a matter of deep concern.

The statement added that if Iran is determined to abide by the agreement as confirmed recently, it must move in accordance with this agreement and to retreat from these steps.

Netanyahu warns Iran against Israel planes

For his part, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Iran that Israeli warplanes of the "F-35" capable of reaching anywhere in the Middle East, including Iran, according to a statement issued by his office. Netanyahu, who also serves as defense minister, said during his inspection of an air force base in Nevatim in southern Israel, where US-made warplanes are based.

"Iran recently threatened to destroy the State of Israel, but it has to know that these planes can reach anywhere in the Middle East, and also to Iran," Netanyahu said in a speech before a squadron of F-35s. Confirmation to Syria"He said.

In this charged atmosphere, Emmanuel Bonn, diplomatic advisor to French President Emmanuel Macaron, visits Tehran on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, Bonn is expected to meet Iran's Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani, while the rest of his program is not announced.

The French presidency said that Bonn "will visit Tehran to find elements to contribute to the easing of tension with steps must be taken immediately before July 15," without further clarification.


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