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It was logical that the final of the 2019 African Nations Cup in its 32nd edition in Egypt would be among the teams with the names of stars nominated for 2018 for the title of the best African player. These are Egyptian Mohamed Salah, his Senegalese counterpart Sadio Mani, and Manchester City player Riad Mehrez. The title settled for Mohammed Salah, but against all expectations came out of the race with the exit of his country from the tournament at home, while Manet climbed to the final.
After Senegal ended Tunisia's dream and eliminated the Carthage Eagles from the continental competition (1-0), Manchester City player Riad Mehrez managed to achieve the "historic achievement," according to the Algerian press on Monday (15 July) To the final of July 19, in a move not achieved by Algeria since its title in its home in 1990.
For the winner, the goal against Nigeria (2-1), when the semi-finals were the last "final", was "the most important" since joining the national team in 2014, with 13 goals. Mahrez is Algeria's historic scorer for the African Cup of Nations.
This is why Mahrez turned into a national hero, but to the "pride of the Arabs," as some of the pioneers of Twitter called the nickname of the former slogan launched by the fans of Egyptian Mohamed Salah on the striker "Raidz."

Ironically, a score of goals in this tournament with a total of three goals is the same as his rival, the "pride" of the Senegalese team Sadio Mani. The latter almost to strengthen the score to five if not kick penalties wasted in the matches of Kenya and Uganda, which prompted him to withdraw from the payment of penalties (including penalty penalty in the match Tunisia), as quoted by the British newspaper "Independent" last week, and followed That when he returns to Liverpool will be trained intensively to pay penalties.
It is highly likely that the penalty shootout will be the final word in the final match between the Desert Warriors and the Terangas Black, who have never won the continental title since they reached their final in Mali in 2002 when they came to Cameroon on penalties.

The balance of goals is not the only similarity between the two, both of which are highly popular, and both want to bring joy to their audience.

Pep Guardiola insisted in the 2016 season on a contract with Leicester City, in a deal that made Riad Mehrez the most expensive Arab for 65 million euros. Since coming to the team, Mehrez has been crowned with all possible tournaments, including the local trio in a season, after the English Premier League, the English League Cup and the FA Cup.
It is worth mentioning that Mehrez has missed most of the season with a total of 44 games, scoring 12 goals and making a similar industry.

Liverpool's Mani, Madi Toure, the founder of the Guinnesspoint Academy, told BBC radio that he had things that Lionel Messi and Brazilian Neymar da Silva might not have. It was this academy that taught Saadiu Mani, the son of a mosque imam in the remote villages of Senegal, the arts of football.
On the trail of Mehrez, Mani left a historic mark in the African transfer market at the time, moving to Liverpool for 34 million pounds, surpassing the previous record for Ivorian Wilfried Bonnie, who moved from Swansea City to Manchester City in January. In January 2015 for £ 28 million.
Manchester United have won a number of individual titles before joining Liverpool in the Champions League last season, and Liverpool are second in the Premier League, one point behind Manchester City.

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