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After passing the medical examination in Leipzig, French midfielder Christopher Nkonko, 21, moved to Leipzig from Germany. Nkunko signed a five-year contract, leaks say worth 15 million euros.

According to Bild newspaper, Nkunu has become the fifth player in the Bundesliga side of Leipzig. Nekudko has been in Leipzig for the past two seasons: striker Kevin Kevin Augustin (22 years), defender Daute Obamikano (20), defender Nordi Mukileh (21) and defender Ibrahima Konate (20) , Who also speaks French as a mother tongue.

Christopher Nkunku  Paris SG, Saint Germain - AS Monaco 4: 0, (picture-alliance / augenklick / firo Sportphoto)

Frenchman Christopher Nkonko dressed as his former Paris Saint Germain. He signed a contract with Leipzig until 2024

With Nocco coming, the number of French players in Leipzig is more than the Germans, according to Bild newspaper. It is true that there are now four German players from the under-19 team who train with the big team Leipzig, but they will return to the youngsters. Only four Germans remain: Timo Werner, 23, Lukas Klosterman, 23, Marcel Halstenberg, 27, and Diego Demeh, 26. Philly Urban, 26, has a German passport and played for Germany under the age of 21, but since October he has played for Hungary. His father is Hungarian and his mother is Polish. He was born in Kaiserslautern in southwestern Germany in 1992..

According to the Tag 24 website, Nkonko says he played together with Augustine in Paris Saint-Germain and knows Obamacano and his agent when they play together in the under-21 team. "So I am optimistic that I will be able to present myself here quickly"He said.

But why all these players from France? "We're looking for players with street football culture," Rangnick said. "We're looking for players with a street football culture," said Rangnick, former manager of the Leipzig Sports and Development Center. "It's a good market for this (the kind of players)," Bild reported. The number of French players in the Bundesliga has risen in the last five years from six to 27, including four at Bayern.

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