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Does the German army really act as an extremist? Statistics showed otherwise. Of the 63 applicants rejected, 21 were neo-Nazis within the "Reich citizens" group, 12 Islamists, two radical leftist extremists and a few who were described as "ready to commit acts of violence." According to a question by the leftist parliamentary bloc, the so-called "Reich citizens" is a group that does not recognize the German state or its laws and refuses to pay taxes and mandatory social welfare benefits, It also refuses to pay public services.

For applicants who have been rejected, an assessment of the status of "identity movement", classified by the institution of constitutional protection (the Internal Intelligence Agency) as an extreme right, is under way. In six cases, "xenophobic extremism" was applied to applicants.

No assessment of the armed forces!

According to the report, between July 2017 and June 2019, the anti-espionage agency was deployed (MAD) Examined applications submitted by 43,775 applicants. This was done at the request of the Ministry of Defense after leaks that leaked elements of the far right within the federal army and went some of these reports to describe the army as a "hotbed of the extreme right." But the examination revealed that in 1173 cases were just unclear and unconfirmed charges, and the assessment was issued after the examination of the anti-spy military (MAD) Accurately referred to cases.

75. Jahrestag Attentat auf Hitler (picture-alliance / dpa / M. Kappeler)

German Defense Minister Ingrid Kramp-Karinbauer is mediating between Chancellor Merkel and a German army commander

The left-wing politician first said that the security checks referred to were an effective deterrent to the neo-Nazis. "The effectiveness of the new assessment process will not be felt until a few years have passed, but the question is whether the number of incidents committed by right-wing elements and the violence that has taken place has diminished," she said. Practiced by comrades against their colleagues? "

New Secretary Kramp-Karen Bauer presents herself to the soldiers

Defense Minister Energret Kramp-Karinbauer, responding to the accusations by the German army about elements of the far right, said: "There is no doubt about the generality of our troops," the Frankfurt-based newspaper Zentag Zeitung reported.

"These soldiers endanger their lives in the course of their duty, so they deserve our trust and support, but that does not mean that one should not be careful about what needs to be dealt with. German. "

Former Defense Minister Ursula von der Lien announced in 2017 that the German army was suffering from a "problem of dealing", a "misconception of the ranks of forces" and a "weakness of leadership at various levels," after revealing many cases of right-wing activity Extremist and offensive rituals practiced within the ranks of the forces.

The criticism provoked anger among the German army, prompting von der Lien to apologize later for "the circular that was criticized."

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