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The German government has condemned the targeting of an Eritrean woman in a German city by a gunshot in a crime likely to be racially motivated. "The German government is shocked by this act and condemns it to the highest degree," said German Deputy Government Spokesman Ulrich Dummer on Wednesday (July 24, 2019) in Berlin. "It is a terrible act," she said.

For his part, condemned the Prime Minister in the state of Hessen Volker Boufier assault on the young Eritrean strongly wishing him a speedy recovery, said the conservative politician, "It is outrageous to shoot a person in the street just for the color of his skin."

The victim was seriously injured by a gunshot wound in the abdomen in the city of Vichtersbach in the state of Hessen, and underwent surgery in a hospital. The suspected sniper, a 55-year-old German, killed himself after that.

According to current information, investigators believe that the crime is "highly xenophobic." There is speculation about the suspect's embrace of far-right or ultra-nationalist thought. Authorities are still investigating the extent of the suspect.

"The security authorities are working to ensure a safe life for all citizens in Germany," she said.

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